Become The Weaver You Want To Be

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Start with the 5 Day Maori Weaving Experience with Veranoa Hetet

An immersive and soul-satisfying experience with step-by-step video lessons so you can give it a go!

What would you like to achieve next?

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Perfect for Beginners
to build the basic skills for Raranga 
Looking to give Māori weaving a go and build some good foundation skills first?
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Open the door to loom-free weaving pleasure with the Joy of Taaniko
Taaniko is the ultimate pastime for those looking for a therapeutic craft that you can take anywhere
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Grow your Raranga skills weaving a range of kete as you strive for mastery
Completed the Awhi Rito course? Keen to continue your Raranga journey with Veranoa?  Then this is the next step
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Step closer as you learn to weave kete, kete whakairo and whaariki
Wanting to take your time learning more about Te Ao Māori and your cultural heritage?
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Weave kākahu for your whānau: Hieke, Piupiu, Maro, Korowai
Longing to cloak your loved ones with kākahu woven from muka with your own hands?
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Reclaim ngā mahi huatau a ngā tūpuna for yourself and your whānau
Wanting to learn all we teach about weaving so you can create your own legacy for future generations?
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Frequently asked questions

I've done some of these modules with the Hetet School of Māori Art in the past.
Do I need to re-enrol?

Email us at [email protected] so we can discuss your options

Can I join if I'm not Māori?

If you share our values and vision then we welcome you to apply.

We have people learning with us who have married into whānau Māori and are weaving for their tamariki and mokopuna.

We have others who are not Māori but are respectful and aligned with our values who are simply wanting to learn more about Māori people and our heritage.

We also have several native weavers from Australia, USA and Canada who are re-connecting to their own traditions through Māori weaving. We love that!

I'm not ready just yet but can I join at a later date?

Yes, absolutely.  
Some of our courses are available to join or apply for all year round while others have enrolment intakes.

Can I teach others what I learn in the programme?

Our goal for you is to help you become a weaver who not only knows how to weave the various types of kete, taaniko and kākahu but who is also capable of creating a woven legacy for your whānau.

Weaving requires time, energy and focus.

Those who teach weaving tend to give their time, energy, focus and creativity to their students. As a result most weaving teachers have less time to weave for themselves and their whānau.

We hope, that weaving becomes a natural part of the daily life of your whānau. If possible, we also hope you will teach those of your tamariki and mokopuna who show an interest and so re-establish this mātauranga within your family for your uri. This is how we have been able to continue these traditions over generations within our own whānau.

Our courses and programmes are not for school teachers, other kaiako raranga or anyone else who intends taking and modifying The Matrix® for their own teaching purposes (whether that is to profit or not from doing so).

We've spent years creating and developing The Matrix® which is a special series of lessons taught in a very special way. All content of our programmes is copyright of The Hetet School of Māori Art and may not be shared, distributed or modified for teaching purposes without our express written permission.