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Raranga Basics for beginners

Awhi Rito: Raranga Basics for beginners

What you'll gain in this course


Understanding the values and cultural practices associated with Māori weaving will help you to relax and enjoy weaving rather than feel uptight and anxious. It feels good to know that you are doing everything in an appropriate way to protect yourself and the environment.

Proper Preparation

Using properly prepared whenu (weaving strips that are soft and pliable) to weave with makes for a more enjoyable experience and a better looking finish.

A Good Foundation In The Basics

Knowing how to cast on, find your ara, make corners, weave up using the correct Raranga technique are essential skills for Raranga weaving.

Correct Raranga Technique

Raranga is not a threading of weaving strips.
It is important to build the right weaving habit

Weave Kono

Watch and follow along to weave a simplle 4 cornered basket

Make Putiputi

Watch and follow along to make a simple flax flower

Weave Kono Big and Small

Learn to weave different sized kono

Weave A Rourou

Watch and follow along to weave a simple 5 cornered basket

Whiri Mekameka

A simple plait you can use as a headband or bookmark

"I don't have words to describe how happy I am to be learning with Veranoa Hetet - it's a privilege."

Penney Cameron

Awhi Rito:
Raranga Basics For Beginners

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