3 Part Training Series reveals how to stop under-pricing what you create and learn how to price it appropriately!

Join the 3 Part MASTER PRICING YOUR ART Training Series and transform the way you price your art or craft

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Lillian Hetet Owen

With more than a decade of experience exhibiting and selling art as a gallery owner and retailing hand-crafted items as co-founder of mall-based NZ made gallery-gift stores 'Koha Gifts' (2002-2008) you'll be treated to great insights based on Lillian's extensive experience.

Having sold work from her own family of carvers and weavers and other artists and crafters, Lillian understands the creative mind and the hesitation that most creatives have when pricing their art.

In this three part training series, Lillian will brung a flood of aha! moments as she helps you understand what's holding you back as well as how to move forward so that you can price your art for what it's worth, with confidence.

A few ways Master Your Pricing has helped people  

Thank you so much Lillian for an inspiring and fascinating evening, so many aha moments for me.
AWESOME. I learnt so much and have gained confidence on pricing. Also your advice to specialise is timely. 
You have given me much to think about and much to be excited about. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and eperience
Janene hunsdale
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The MASTER YOUR PRICING Training series will help you:

  • Stop under-pricing your art and understand what you need to do to price your art so you can sell your art for what it's worth
  • Get the right perspective on pricing your art
  • Gain greater insight into your pricing behaviour
  • Discover the ONE thing that most artists are doing wrong when it comes to pricing
  • Uncover the road blocks you have to higher pricing
  • Learn the 'Smart & Simple' way to price your art
  • Find the 'pricing sweet spot' that both you and your clients will be happy with
MASTER PRICING YOUR ART 3 part training series

Go from hesitant under priced hobbyist to confident well priced artist

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