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Foundation For Raranga

Weave A Range of Simple Baskets
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A Gentle Path To Te Ao Māori

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Knowing the 'why' of traditional Māori weaving values and practises will help you to relax with your weaving and at the same time achieve the best outcome for yourself and the environment.

Practical Know-How

Enjoy learning things like proper preparation so that your materials are easy to weave with and the tips and tricks of weaving which have come from generations of weaving experience that will help you to become a better weaver.

Traditional Skills

Learn the techniques and mātauranga that will enable you to weave simple baskets as you learn the basics of the Raranga (Māori Basketry) Technique. These foundational skills will stand you in good stead for moving on to Kete.

Cultural Well-Being

You'll become part of a group with shared values and purpose. Any feelings of awkwardness or whakama will fade and a quiet confidence will grow as you gather knowledge, skills and friends on your raranga journey. 
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Here's what you can look forward to

Discover The Excitement of Raranga

Understand & Apply Tikanga

Weave Your First Simple Baskets

Create A Range of Useful Items
For Gifts

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The Satisfaction of Success

Trying to learn ad hoc with different teachers, night classes, you tube videos or books can leave you confused and unsure

BUT when you follow a tried and tested method, based on generations of experience, from a whānau of world-renowned Māori weavers with thousands of successful students . . . you can be sure that what you're learning is the real-deal.
The structured, well thought out lessons that give you the confidence you need to progress, will save you frustration, time and second-guessing.

AND as our students say
"I could listen to Veranoa ALL Day. Her voice is so calming."
The magic is in The Matrix™ - a special series of lessons taught in a very special way.

If you follow Veranoa as she guides you through The Matrix™ you'll not only learn exactly what Veranoa was taught, you'll also experience surprising Aha! moments and expand your own creativity along the way.

The Matrix™ was developed by renowned weaver Erenora Puketapu-Hetet along with her teaching-assistant, daughter Veranoa. Together they developed an elegant and effective way for student weavers to learn by combining traditional ways of teaching with contemporary best-practice for remote learners.

At the heart of The Matrix™ is the mātauranga and whakaaro of our tupuna.
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Our students love The Matrix™ 

Following The Matrix of the Hetet School of Māori Art just makes sense. I can say from experience that it truly does work and I have found each lesson/video easy to understand. I started from module one then two and three. I am now weaving kete that I had only ever dreamed of weaving.
DEmelza craig
I am loving being able to have a tutorial online when I can choose the time & being able to rewind n replay is great. Also can do the tutorial several times until you really have got it, the difference in your first kono & your 4th is great!! Veranoa has a really practical methodical way that works so logically.
Fiona wallen
I love the freedom of being able to learn at my own pace. I don't have to commit to weekly classes. And I use it as a time for 'just me'. To meditate and reflect.
Amiria Hunt

Veranoa Hetet

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"I weave, I breathe”

These are the words that reflect Veranoa’s passion for weaving and her love of teaching.
A renowned Māori weaver and much-loved weaving teacher, Veranoa brings you more than 35 years experience teaching in person and 7 years online.
Veranoa shares her skills and passion for Māori weaving, inherited from generations of weavers in her whānau, She looks forward to leading you on a journey of discovery through the art of Raranga.
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Choose Your Path To Success!