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Become A Legacy Weaver 

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E Ngā Uri - A Story Of Three Kaakahu

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A 4 Part Programme Especially Designed To Help You Become a Legacy Weaver

Start with Raranga

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Module 1 of The Matrix®
Foundation For Raranga

Discover the excitement of Raranga. Venture out to gather harakeke to weave your first simple baskets and understand the tikanga of Raranga.
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Module 2 of The Matrix®
Nga Kete

Take your Raranga skills to the next level when you learn to weave kete. You'll learn to weave kete whiri and kete timata and be able to weave a moenga pepi

Module 3 of The Matrix®
Kete Whakairo

By now you'll be in love with Raranga and ready to progress to weaving patterns. In this wānanga you'll relish learning six different pan-tribal patterns.

Beyond The Matrix® Whaariki Part 1 & 2

Weaving whaariki will help you  not only hone your Raranga skills but also truly appreciate the value of these beautiful pieces that adorn the floors of wharenui.

Add Whaariki

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Whaariki  Part 1

Whaariki Part II

Progress To Taaniko

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Module 4 of The Matrix®

Discover the joy of the most ancient of Māori weaving techniques and learn how to create patterns that tell a story like those woven in times past.
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Beyond The Matrix® Taaniko Projects

Have fun! with Taaniko when you learn how to weave a purse or a case for glasses and how to cast on for a wallhanging or weave a decorative stitch.

Finish with Whatu Kākahu
in the Weave Korowai Programme

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Module 5 of The Matrix®

Begin your kākahu journey with hieke. This wānanga focuses on whatu and will help you develop the muscle memory as well as the fundamentals of kākahu design.

Module 5 of The Matrix®

Move on to weaving a piupiu! While more challenging than hieke, for most tauira, once completed you will feel a deep sense of accomplishment.

Module 5 of The Matrix® 

The excitement builds as you move on to extending your skills and weaving a Maro.
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Module 5 of The Matrix®

It's time to immerse yourself in the preparation of muka and the weaving of your korowai. 

What Our Students Say

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"This has been an incredible journey full of joy, surprises, support and blisters.
I have learnt so much every step of the way but I’d have to say I didn’t expect to feel so close to ōku tūpuna as I went through the process of korowai.
Using my hands (knees/legs/arms) to recreate the same methods and processes of those who have gone before me was profound - I really felt my place in the continuum of time and raranga, whatu and tāniko will continue to express itself (te ira raranga) long after I’m gone.

A profoundly beautiful experience."
Kiriana O'Connell
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"I feel priviledged to be a student of the Hetet School of Māori Art. I think you have captured well the legacy of your whānau teaching and adapting for the future survival of our precious artform using an innovative digital platform. Tau ke!

I love the fact that I have personal, private tuition in my own home, at any time, at my own pace. Veranoa is right with me, taking me through each step, conveying everything - a-tinana, a-wairua (in body and in spirit). It is a pure luxury to have this special method of teaching given to us"
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Awhina Tamarapa
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"Learning to weave with Veranoa has opened my life, and made me More. I feel like a more complete version of myself having been on this amazing journey."

Frequently asked questions

Can I join if I'm not Maori?

If you share our values and vision then we welcome you to join.

We have people learning with us who have married into whānau Māori and are weaving for their tamariki and mokopuna. We also have several native weavers from Australia, USA and Canada who are re-connecting to their own traditions through Māori weaving. We love that!

I live outside Aotearoa NZ, can I still do a course?

We have taught many people online who don't live in Aotearoa.

The thing you will need to consider is materials.

If you are signing up for Taaniko, a wide range of materials are readily available around the world including embroidery silks, macrame twine, cottons, hemp, jute, bamboo threads, and many more.

If you're signing up for raranga then there are some alternatives to harakeke (NZ flax, Phormium tenax) that you can get by with for module 1 but preferably you will have a source of harakeke to weave with. Harakeke grows throughout the world so it's best to investigate what's available in your locality. Ask garden centres, botannical gardens and parks and reserves. 

If you're looking to sign up to weave kākahu, you will be able to weave hieke (the first traditional garment) without a supply of harakeke but if you are going to move on to piupiiu, maro and korowai then you will need to source a good fibrous harakeke to weave with as we teach how to prepare and weave with muka (flax fibre)

I've done some of these modules before with the Hetet School of Maori Art.
How do I enrol to complete the rest?

Click the chat bubble on this page and we'll help you find the best way forward.
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Take the first step

Begin Your Legacy Journey

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