Bring Your Korowai Dreams To Life!

Weave Korowai
For Your Whānau

With The weave korowai programme
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What's It Like To Weave Kākahu?

Kākahu exponent Veranoa Hetet shares her experience
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A Student's Journey With Us

Kiriana O'connell's

Korowai Journey
With Us

"I felt excited to start and amazed to complete my first kākahu - a hieke."
- Kiriana O'Connell
MODULE 4 & 5A of The Matrix

Taaniko & Hieke



"So many lessons learnt on this journey, all worthwhile to hear that magical sound and see it worn by my tamāhine."
- Kiriana O'Connell


Module 5D


"A profoundly beautiful experience."
- Kiriana O'Connell

How It Works

With our renowned expertise and excellence in the teaching and practise of Māori Weaving you will learn to weave beautiful kākahu following our online programme.
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4 Types Of Kākahu

By the end of the programme you will have woven 4 different types of kākahu and have the skills to weave any kind of kākahu including a kahu huruhuru.

No Essays. Just Weaving

There are no essays to write. The focus is on practical, hands-on. The only requirement is that you upload images of completed mahi for each module.

Community & Support

Our tauira share their journey with others online and in person at optional weave-togethers & retreats. They are also able to ask their kaiako any course related questions.

When & Where It Suits

Access our virtual classroom 24/7 from wherever you are at the time most convenient for you - with internet access from a mobile, laptop, iPad or desktop.
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Kiriana O'Connell

tauira OF the weave korowai programme
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"This has been an incredible journey full of joy, surprises, support and blisters.

I have learnt so much every step of the way but I’d have to say I didn’t expect to feel so close to ōku tūpuna asI went through the process of korowai.

Using my hands (knees/legs/arms) to recreate the same methods and processes of those who have gone before me was profound -
I really felt my place in the continuum of time and raranga/whatu/tāniko will continue to express itself (te ira raranga) long after I’m gone.

A profoundly beautiful experience"

Veranoa Hetet

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"I weave, therefore I am”
These are the words that reflect Veranoa’s passion for weaving and her love of teaching.
A renowned Māori weaver and much-loved weaving teacher, Veranoa brings you more than 35 years experience teaching in person and 7 years online.
Veranoa shares her skills and passion for Māori weaving, inherited from generations of weavers in her whānau, She looks forward to leading you on a journey of discovery through the art of Whatu Kākahu
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The Weave Korowai Programme Is For You If:

  • You've never woven before, or
  • You've woven before but you've agreed with your kaiako that it's ok for you to learn with a new teacher
  • You like the idea of online lessons that fit in with all that you've got going on in your life
  • You want to learn in a way that is closely aligned with the traditional way of teaching and learning: just you and your teacher, going at your pace
  • You want to learn following a structured, time-honoured method
  • You want to learn thoroughly, without missing steps so that you can feel assured and confident about what you're weaving
  • You want to learn with a recognised teacher whose gentle approach will make you feel calm and confident
  • You want the skills and know-how to be able to weave, NOT JUST KOROWAI, but any type of kākahu you want to!
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