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Tēnā koe!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Māori weaving where we invite you to discover Raranga, Taaniko and Whatu Kākahu and nurture your inner weaver!


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Whatu Kākahu

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I join if I'm not Māori? 

If you share our values and vision then we welcome you to join.

We have many people learning with us who are not Māori.

Some have married into whānau Māori and are weaving for their tamariki and mokopuna.

We also have indigenous weavers from Australia, USA and Canada who are re-connecting to their own traditions through Māori weaving. We love that!

I live outside Aotearoa NZ, can I still do a course?


We have taught many people online who don't live in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The thing you will need to consider is materials.

If you are signing up for Taaniko, a wide range of materials are readily available around the world including embroidery silks, macrame twine, cottons, hemp, jute, bamboo threads, and many more.

If you're signing up for Raranga then there are some alternatives to harakeke (NZ flax, Phormium tenax) that you can get by with for module 1 but preferably you will have a source of harakeke to weave with.

Harakeke grows throughout the world so it's best to investigate what's available in your locality. Ask garden centres, botanical gardens and parks and reserves.

If you're looking to sign up to weave kākahu, you will be able to weave hieke (the first traditional garment) without a supply of harakeke but if you are going to move on to piupiiu, maro and korowai then you will need to source a good fibrous harakeke to weave with as we teach how to prepare and weave with muka (flax fibre)

I've completed some modules with the Hetet School before. How do I enrol to finish the rest?

Email us at learn@hetetschoolofmaoriart.com and we will be in touch to help you get back to where you were
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