How To Make Time For Weaving: Tip #1

Jul 30 / Lillian Hetet Owen
Remember the joy of weaving 'til stupid o'clock? 

That time when you were so in the zone, wanting to finish just one more row or the entire piece, that nothing else mattered.

If you've lost your weaving mojo and just can't seem to find the time anymore, here's the first in our series of tips to help you get back to the timelessness of weaving.

TIP #1: Weave a simple project first

The thought of weaving the next lesson may make you feel overwhelmed and more likely to put weaving off for another day (or week or month or year). If the kete whakairo in the next lesson or the piupiu in the Weave Korowai Programme is staring you down then do this instead . . .

Start by weaving something small and simple such as a kono or a taaniko sampler.

Choose a project that requires minimum effort and time to prepare materials and something that you can weave without thinking too hard.

Why? Because it means that you are more likely to do it, to finish it and to experience the joy of weaving. 
Decide to do something simple first and let it encourage you to go on