Meet Isaac Te Awa 

Isaac started weaving in his teens then reignited his passion for taaniko and kākahu when he joined HSOMA from Australia 4 years ago.  

Lillian Hetet-Owen talked with  Isaac from Te Papa where he works as a museum curator - Mātauranga Māori.

In this candid and insightful interview, Isaac shares:
  • what it's like to weave a korowai from muka
  • how he overcame the challenges of kākahu weaving
  • how being a weaver helps him in is his role as Curator - Matauranga Māori for Te Papa

Interview questions

00:10   Where are you from? 
01:04   Tell me about your weaving journey so far
03:55   Tell me about the weaving of your first kākahu
05:37   What was your biggest challenge weaving your first korowai muka?
07:43   How did you go from nursing to curating?
15:08   Did weaving your korowai go as planned?
13:54   How much did belonging to a community of weavers help you?
16:56    How did you feel when you finished your korowai?
17:53    Do you have any advice for anyone starting their kākahu journey?
18:35   What's next for you after completing your korowai?
21:54   Have there been any surprises working with taonga in Te Papa?
26:51   What are your thoughts about men weaving?
Taaniko poi woven by Isaac Te Awa
Taaniko Poi woven by Isaac Te Awa.