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About Our Community Spaces

Kia ora weavers,
In order to simplify and clarify our weaving community, we have introduced the 'Share With All' space that you'll see on the main menu. This compliments the 'Kōrero Mai-Share' space in your courses area. We explain the difference in the quick video below.

We've taken this step to enhance your learning experience and ensure everyone can easily participate in our community. 

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We understand that the Facebook group served as a familiar platform, but we have decided to move away from it to save confusion and uncertainty. We have already closed the Mighty Network group for the same reason.

We acknowledge that this change might feel bittersweet for some of our long-standing members. It might also feel a bit abrupt for newbies here too. However, we truly believe that by consolidating everything on our website, we can create a more vibrant and closely-knit community, where learning and connection thrive.

We will find an appropriate way (event) to say farewell to our beloved Te Rito, and in a few months, that Facebook group will be archived which means that although you won't be able to create new posts, you will still be able to view existing ones.

As we close the chapter on the Facebook and Mighty Network groups, we're excited about the possibilities ahead. With our new website and mobile app coming online, we can finally bring together everything in one place, just as we had always dreamed of.

Should you have any questions or need support simply click 'Help Hub' and then 'Tech Support' to get in touch with us.
Thank you for being part of the Hetet School whānau. We're looking forward to building an even stronger and more vibrant weaving community together, right here on our website.

Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou kātoa,
The Hetet whānau
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